Wednesday, April 17, 2013

True Beauty

Have you seen this? I really hope you have but if not take three minutes and watch it now. Ladies and Men both. Ladies watch it for yourself, men watch it for the women in your life. 

I cried when I watched this. I ugly cried when I watched this. No cute single streams down my face, nope there were ugly snotty sobs where my face turned red and the vein on my forehead started to protrude. But whatever that's just how I cry. This really spoke true to me. Everyone has insecurities but there is true beauty in all of us. Please see it in yourself and see it in others. 

I just read an article that called this video staged and racist. I completely understand that everyone has their own opinion and there are some that think that all this is is a marketing ploy by Dove to make money. You're probably right, a large goal of Dove is to make money but that doesn't mean we can learn a valuable lesson from this video. That we all can and should see more beauty within ourselves despite size, age or race. And who cares if one man in the video said the woman he was describing had beautiful blue eyes. It's true; she did. He never said that she had beautiful blue eyes rather than dull ugly brown ones. He simply called her beautiful. Can we look and focus on the positive affect this video is having on so many rather than trying to find the negative in it?  Let this video be inspiring and let it help woman all over the world.

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