Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm Back :)

I'm excited to be back writing here again. I took a hiatus for a few weeks but I'm back to this world that I love. I love reading the happenings of others all across the county and those of the people all around me, men and women whose lives and words inspire me and show me new ways to think, cook, dress and live. And I love recording the stories of my life here. But I've realized that like anything else there is always the potential to get too involved. Here in the blogging world we tend the show one side of our lives, The story that's happening on the stage. We don't often show what's happening backstage. Recently I've found it's easy to get caught up in what's happening on everyone else's stage and forget that they have just as wild of a behind the scenes as I do. Their lives aren't just pinterest worthy homemade meals every night, or fashionably dressed photogenic children, or impecably decorated homes filled with endless d.i.y projects easily thrown together on a whim. They also have piles of laundry that haven't been done, and nights when they go buy pizza and days where they just need to lounge around in their sweats without washing their hair... but who wants to show that side to the world? 

Anyway, I'm glad to be back. And I have some posts I've been working on... So I guess look back soon :) 

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Day Today

I know I know... I promise the post on Europe is done but I'm waiting for the husband to give me the pictures from the trip to accompany the post so stay tuned. But today I tried my hand at modeling again. So much fun! I got to do a photo shoot up in Salt Lake for my friend Brandon. His designs are so amazing! These are just some behind the scenes pictures. I'll post more picture when they come! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

The husband and I are hanging out here in the Atlanta airport during our six hour layover. What do you do in an airport for six hours? So far we've eaten delish but totally over priced airport food, explored the random shops, bought a neck pillow because I'm pretty sure ours is sitting on our couch, and played two games of electronic monopoly. And there are still two hours to go... boo. But Our day started early... actually it started yesterday. We spent all night packing, cleaning our condo, and finalizing our Florida trip that we leave for the day after we get back from Europe. Can we talk about how difficult it is to pack for three weeks in twenty two pounds... but somehow it's possible. After doing it once it's crazy to think I usually take fifty pounds... anyway that's the update so far. Just chilling here in Atlanta. Next up... ENGLAND 


That guy introduced us to Mr. Bones... random stores full of crazies...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer "Vacation".... Blackpool

Sorry for the hiatus... it has been a long few weeks. Want to hear about them? Finals finished and I was so excited for summer to begin. I finally got to spend some quality time with the husband during the day to go on hikes and picnics and long long drives to nowhere, I had big plans pull up some of the fitness pins I had on pinterest to get in shape for a half marathon at the end of the summer and get some killer abs, and there are many a summer blockbuster I have been dying to see; iron man, Gatsby, 42, star trek, the host, safe haven (remember don't judge my taste in movies). So far... basically none of that has happened, a few movies, one picnic and zero sit ups. Boo. But what has happened has been really exciting.

So the husband and I have, along with our team, been getting ready to go to Blackpool England to compete for the British Formation Championship. BYU has a reputation there, that is we DON'T lose. Because we are pretty much awesome we plan on keeping up with that tradition. So once school got out the real practice and preparation began for the competition. We've been preparing as a team for this for almost a year now working with multiple world renowned coaches and choreographers but it's getting down to the wire. So this means hours of practice a day plus even more time spent rhinestoning the dresses the girls wear. For those not familiar with the term rhinestoning it means individually gluing on thousands of rhinestones per dress on 16 dresses, which meant each team member needed to put in at least 30 hours to get it all done. So we've spent the last few weeks doing all this and we had the premier show of our competition routines. It has been an amazing, exciting, tiring, testing, unbelievable experience to be apart of. 

There have been moments where I didn't think I could do it anymore. I didn't think I could wake up one more time for seven a.m. practice. I didn't think I could listen to that teammates voice ever again. I didn't think I could remember everything I needed to fix no matter how hard I tried. I didn't think I could do my part in that section, because let's be real I was sure I had the hardest part. I didn't think I could get into my knees anymore. I didn't think I could show my molars. I didn't think I could do that last run through. I didn't think I could stone for another hour. I didn't think I could put on that pink shirt one more time. I didn't think I could be optimistic about the slips. I didn't think I could keep my mouth shut even though I knew I should keep my mouth shut. I didn't think I could be wrong. I think we as a team all felt these things at some point but we did it. We weren't perfect and I will be the first to admit I have made a lot of mistakes through this process but none of these things will matter when we take that floor together. 

Oh and p.s. that's the ballroom we compete in... WHAT??

We leave on Friday and there is still so much to do. More practice, packing, and who knows what else will come up. But then we're off to England, Germany and Switzerland! We'll be back on the seventeenth and then we're off to Florida for a few days. As long as we have Internet access I'll keep you all updated on the trip, if not be prepared for many a post when we return. 

Oh and here is a super attractive picture of the husband and I at the premier show... super attractive. Through this whole process I am so glad I've had him by my side to share in the success and frustration of the entire thing. 

And as the lovely Jessica Lyon has reminded us.... 

See you all in or after Europe!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

People Say the Darndest Things...

Can we just talk about the other day and how people and the things they say just make me laugh ALL the time?

Story One: The Big Black Man at Wendy's

There is the running joke that Utah has all of ten black people that live here. Have I mentioned that the husband thinks he's one of them? Because he does. Someday I'm going to get a video of him rapping to post here because it will make your life so much happier when you witness it. He's just so skinny and white but oddly really good at rapping. Anyway the husband and I met one of these rarities at Wendy's and here was our conversation... keeping in mind that this guy didn't seem crazy or anything, he just really liked my shoes: BBM (Big Black Man) TH (The Husband) YT (Yours Truly)

BBM: Girl, you got diamonds on your shoes.

YT: (Looks down at my sandals)

BBM: You two have got to be some wealthy young thangs to afford diamonds on your shoes. Those things are sparkly. Got to be three carats each. 

YT: Haha... I get so awkward in social settings

BBM: Brother what are you doing that you can buy your woman such classy shoes? And where are your diamonds, ain't fair that she gets all the bling. 

TH: Haha, got to let my woman have them I guess.

YT: Woman? Did the husband just call me woman? Can we remember that we're not cool and black so you can't get away with that? Someone please remind him he's white... 

BBM: Man, you two are alright, I like you guys. You're not from around here are you? 

YT: No we're both from here actually. 

BBM: Nah... Really? I would have guessed Detroit, New York, Pittsburg, L.A. You don't look like any Utah farmers I know, I mean girl you got DIAMONDS on your shoes.  

At this point I walked away trying really hard not to laugh and to get drinks so the husband carried on the conversation. Does everyone want to see my diamond covered shoes? Okay, here they are. 

Real Classy eh? But I liked him, he definitely made me smile that day.

The next story comes from one of the little girls in my dance class, they are all about six years old. LG (Little Girl) YT (Yours Truly) 

Story Two: Then Comes Love, Then Come Marriage, Then Come Baby in a Baby Carriage? 

LG: Are you married?

YT: Yep

LG: Where is your husband?

YT: At home

LG: Do you have a baby?

YT: No I don't

LG: Then how are you married? You have to have a baby to be married!

YT: Well... I don't have a baby yet but maybe someday

LG: Noooo... your supposed to have kids. Don't you know that?

YT: Haha oh really? Well I will someday.

LG: No you're married! You're already supposed to have a baby! Why did you get married if you don't have a baby?

That's when I decided it would be a good time to start class and let that conversation continue later with her mom... at home... But I did seriously consider teaching my class the k-i-s-s-i-n-g song that day. 

I wish I could remember and write about all the things these little girls say. They say the funniest things all the time. It's conversations like this one that make having kids seem like a fun possibility one day.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

For your viewing pleasure... our version of grumpy cat. You're welcome.

You may laugh, but we seriously sat around for probably an hour practicing... because who couldn't use a good grumpy cat face every once in awhile? 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Finals Are Over and Weddings Go Wrong

Finals are finally over and we all survived them... some of us came out with a few scratches and bruises (emotional or physical). I came out with a renewed appreciation for my little corner of lower campus i.e. The Richards Building. It keeps me away from all the crazies that roam upper campus whom I am forced to interact with during finals week. But I have to admit you can always count on said crazies to provide for some entertainment and inner comedic relief during a really stressful week.

Standing in line waiting to take my test all I want to think about is my upcoming test not the weird smell coming from something that someone was eating behind me, or the music blasting from bro to the left and the last thing I needed to hear was the wedding planning coming from four rows over. Not because it was annoying but because of course I then had to listen in and hear all about this girl's wedding I LOVE weddings and then all thoughts of Health 211 went out the window. My mind went back to wedding colors, dress shapes, and catering menus. But can I tell you this random was c-r-a-z-y. I thought the poor thing was going to have an anxiety attack right there in line (can I once again say the words wedding planner, WEDDING PLANNER) or really organized super mother. The darling was freaking out about every possible thing that was going to go wrong with the wedding... And so bad I wanted to let her in on a "secret" that anyone who's been married will agree with, something is going to happen that you didn't plan or not happen that you did plan no matter what and... it will be okay. It won't matter. You'll be married and you'll be so happy. 

Shall we talk about all the things that went wrong at our wedding and already the husband and I laugh about them. 

#1. I started crying at my hair and makeup appointment. Post makeup. For no good reason other than it was the biggest day of my life and I had a lot of nerves. And then had the PUFFIEST eyes for the rest of the morning. But apparently that's not all that weird because my mom, the girl doing my hair and makeup, and the photographer all acted like it was totally normal that I was sitting there blubbing apologies with mascara running down my face.  

#2. The ONLY flowers I asked not to have at our wedding were roses. I know random. But they make me think of funerals and therefore they make me sad. Guess what a good bit of my bouquet was... white roses.

#3. Our marriage certificate got lost after our sealing. Left at the temple in a bag in the lobby. Took us a good couple of hours to find it. So the rest of the day we had EVERYONE joking that we weren't actually married and threatening to not let us "go enjoy our evening" after the reception *wink* *wink*. Not so funny after it's the fifth time you've heard it that day. 

#4. Our awesome wedding favors never showed up so the lovely wedding team got to fill boxes with M&M's right before the reception.

#5. Our DJ was out in left field the entire night. We asked for classy wedding music and we got Gangnam Style and Bringing Sexy Back... So classy. And he started to play the wrong song for both our first dance and our dance with our parents... oops.

#6. I got the flu from standing outside in the snow taking pictures and was sick for our entire honeymoon... the husband got a taste of reality and marriage real quick. 

But you know what? The day started with us getting sealed to one another for eternity so honestly nothing else mattered. And that day we were surround by so many loving and fun friends who were taking care of everything that it was impossible to get upset by anything. The husband and I never even talked about all the things that went wrong until about a month ago and then we started laughing about all of it because on that day none of it mattered anymore. So my suggestion to random in the testing center and anyone else getting married is: For all the planning that goes into a wedding and all the time you spend worrying about every detail, in the end just enjoy the day knowing that what matters are the rest of the days ahead of you. Because weddings are fun but marriage is better.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Humble Little Cottage Part One: The Story and The Living Room

When the husband and I got engaged one of the first things we were worried about was finding the perfect place to live, so the apartment search began... and after weeks of searching we found the perfect little townhome in Springville; and after a few more weeks of applying and fighting to get it over the three other couples who had applied we got to sign the contract. And the community is called... the cottages... the name can be super cute, cheesy, or sketchy depending on how you look at it.

Once we signed the contract (a month before we even got married, what can I say I like to get things done ahead of time?) I got to go to work find all the fun things to fill our home with. Which was good because by that point I was out of my mind waiting for the wedding and I needed something to distract me. Back story: I love love love interior design. My grandma was an interior designer so I grew up learning how to put together a home and appreciating an eclectic fun style to do it with. In high school I had to opportunity to do a summer study in New York where I got meet amazing designers and visit schools. My Senior year I even applied and was accepted to a design school in California but at that point life was just calling me in another direction.

So I've just kept design in the hobby zone... I've helped friends redecorate rooms and apartments and FINALLY I got to decorate a place of my very own. I am lucky that the husband kind of gave me free reign on the house and let me do what I wanted. There are still days when I tell him a new idea I have and he give me the You're going to do what?!? look but he let's me do what I want and ninety nine point eight percent of the time he likes it.

So back to decorating the house. I most definitely had my vision, I knew the colors I wanted, the style I was feeling, and even had the perfect couch picked out in my mind. While most girls have their wedding planned when they are sixteen, I had my future home planned. But... we weren't even married yet and we still had a honeymoon to pay for, Christmas was around the corner, and we were about to be newlyweds. That meant I had a budget. So we started where I think almost every newlywed starts, hand-me-downs. Our parents and grandparents were amazingly generous and let us take anything from our childhood rooms we wanted and opened up their storage sheds to us. And over the years of being on my own I had made my own small collection of pictures and knickknacks. We were also really lucky and received so many gift cards at our wedding that we were able to pick up a few things that we wanted.

Putting together our home has been a process... Finding things that are uniquely us and filling it with stuff that makes us smile. But it's a process that I have loved and am passionate about so I'm going to share it. Today it's the living room. I'll go through the rest of the house over time. The living room just recently went through a renovation and I'm LOVING it. I definitely got the what are you doing look for the deer head. 



We got the original painting above our couch from my grandparents storage but it wasn't really our style so when reading days came along I ditched studying for finals and put together this instead. WAY more fun than finals... 
  • Couch: A find off of KSL plus it came with the pillows and a matching love seat!(the husband was a dear and drove an hour and a half to pick it up for me) 
  • Navy Pillow: Target 
  • Rug: (I waited until black friday and all of the rugs were seventy five percent off! AMAZING!) 
  • Frames, Prints, and Side table: Ikea
  • Deer Head: West Elm
  • Star: Wedding Gift from Piggy and Dirt. They are an amazing husband and wife team from Provo that my grandparents have known for years and I am obsessed with their stars, I think I have four different ones! 
  • Lamp and Boxes: I've had them for years and honestly can't remember where I got them
  • LOVE: I picked up some wood letters from Hobby Lobby and some Spray paint and the whole project only took probably five minutes. 

Everything else in the rest of the room came from our families or our old bedrooms. And the husband and I just love our space.

I was looking for a quote or a definition of home that I could put with this post but none of them said what I wanted so I'll just put what home means to me. Home is the place you come to after a long day, it should be relaxing; a refuge. It should also be inspiring and uplifting. It's a space where conversations are had, ideas are thought, decisions are made, and tears are spilled. Home is where love and security should be felt and shared. To me, that is what home is and that is what I am striving to make it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I lost my dad almost six years ago. I was fifteen. He was absolutely my best friend. It was terrible. But... it was a long time ago. There are still those days basically everyday when I really miss him. There is something I want to tell him, something I wish he was apart of. There are birthdays he's missed, dance competitions, graduations, weddings, and so many conversations. Today was an insignificant day but I wanted him to be here so bad. I wanted him to meet the husband and tell him he better not kill his daughter on the motorcycle. Wherever he is right now, I really do hope they know how lucky they are to have him around. I hope they take advantage of his humor and listen to his laugh. He had the best laugh; a contagious laugh. Let him tell all of his stories and accept his hugs. He gave the best hugs. He always wished for sons but he got a daughter and he was the best father a daughter could ask for. He learned to braid AND curl hair, never missed a dance concert and taught his daughter how to golf. I hope those around him now appreciate his generosity and let him curl their hair.

Good Night Moon

Right now I am laying in bed looking over at the husband sleeping next to me. Confession: I am ninety nine percent positive that this is the first time in our marriage that he has fallen asleep before I have. I'm usually out like a rock by 10:30 but for some reason tonight that just isn't happening and, I'm actually enjoying it. I love seeing the serenity that finds the husband's face as he sleeps, seeing the stress and worry of the day fade away for a few hours. Wow, I really love this man. He takes on the weight of the world everyday and carries it with strength. I think he's really been feeling it this week with finals, work, my near death experience (I'll tell what I think is actually a funny story later), rehearsals, and of course the demands of a crazy wife. I'm grateful that he can have peace right now and that I can witness it.