Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Four Months!

Well friends we've made it! A whole four months of being married, wwwhhat? AND an entire year together, I know I know that doesn't seem like long at all to be together but trust me it seems like a good amount of time. And it seems like it's been so much longer (in a good way of course) we've got our routine down and figured out a lot about each other. 

In four months here is what I have learned about the husband, about marriage, and about life:
  • The husband only pretends to like vegetables, if I don't put them on his plate he conveniently doesn't get any.
  • The husband is AWESOME at vacuuming, it has seriously done wonders for my OCD. 
  • I am and will always be the spider killer
  • The husband hates to argue and will do anything to make me laugh so we can stop arguing (which usually just makes me more mad)
  • Birth control makes me an emotional wreck and at times a total B, I'm sure the husband is missing the girl he first met who was all but void of emotion.
  • The one thing I remember being said at my sealing is completely true, if you always put each other first you will be happy. The husband always wants me to be happy and I feel the same way about him, but it doesn't always work that we're both going to be happy. But when we're thinking of each other rather than ourselves it always end up working out. 
  • The fastest way to get the husband out of a funk is to start scratching his back.
  • It's really hard to get out of bed when you know you won't see your favorite person again until you get back into bed that night.
  • The husband uses Sonic drinks and onion rings as bribes and a way to get me out of my B.C. fits (I've caught on).
  • The husband HATES it when I crack my knuckles.
  • The husband is the best at taking bobby pins out of my hair after a show, he also loves pulling off my fake eyelashes... weirdo.
  • The husband and I both have this weird thing for mustard. We seriously love it and have 8 different types of mustard in our fridge right now. 
  • Marriage is really hard but completely worth it.
  • Men suck at rinsing out the sink and it's better to just accept it rather than fight it.
  • But most of all I've learned that finding the person you're meant to be with is the best thing that could ever happen, it makes life so much more fun.
So I asked the husband when he first knew he really wanted to date me. See, we were dance partners first and had no intention of ever dating one another. And he told me it was after practice one day, I had been somewhat involved with another boy and told him I was leaving to go and finally end it with this boy. He told me to text him afterwards so he would know I was ok (it was pretty late and he wanted to make sure I made it home, best partner ever award). The conversation wasn't exactly pleasant and I text the husband afterwards to tell him I was back in my apartment. He asked if I was ok. I wasn't. He asked if I wanted to talk, and that night we ended up getting slurpees and running through the sprinklers at two o'clock in the morning. That's when he knew. I think I knew when he kissed me out of no where a few days later. I guess I have to be hit in the face with something literally to realize it's what I want.
So we thought, what would be better than commemorating a year by recreating that night (minus the "breakup")? But of course we live in Utah and it snowed last night. Frozen drinks and running in water outside... not going to happen. So sadly our perfect blog worthy anniversary plans were sabotaged but I think I'll make it up to him with an AWESOME dinner and a clean house and... That should almost make up for the weather here.  


  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog! Happy 4 months to you and your hubby! We will reach 9 months on the 19th! Time sure does fly by and your story is too cute!

    1. Thank you so much! Your blog is super cute too! Congrats on Friday!