Friday, April 12, 2013

Living Young and Wild and Free

20. That is how old I was on my wedding day. Sound like I was really trying to live it up huh? Settled down by 20, it's most college kids dream I know. But to most in the community where I live this isn't all that weird. By the time I was married so were a lot of the girls in my graduating class and a bunch of girls in the class below me. To the outside world, this is crazy. How could I be experienced enough or mature enough to ever know what I wanted at that age? Was I really ready to take on the responsibility of marriage at that age? What if what I wanted when I was twenty is different that what I'll want when I'm twenty six (the average age that women get married in the United States)? I'll give you the answers to that quiz, 1. I probably wasn't 2. Nope 3. They might but the husband and I will grow together and by that point we will still be exactly what each other wants you just wait and see.
But for reals, I totally thought I was insane when I would sit and think about it pre-wedding. Was I really going to be that girl? The classic Provo story, get married right out of high school, start a perfect family with the perfect little RM and live happily ever after in the confines of Happy Valley. Haha... no. Not that I ever judged or thought anything was wrong with getting married young and living this life, I just knew it wasn't for me. Had you told me when I was 18 that I would be married right now I would have told you exactly what I thought and it wouldn't have been very nice (I didn't have much of a filter back then, or now for that matter) But then you find the perfect person and you can't think of a worse idea than waiting to spend forever with them. Wow, before you know it I'll be sporting my hair in a VOLUMIZED "A" line complete with bumpit and and five different colors of highlights in the front and start carrying around a giant bejeweled alligator skin purse. I've got to stop drinking the caffeine free coke around this place, it's worse than koolaid. 

But the husband and I have managed to keep some of our cool. Let's turn the subject a little bit to how in my family we are the wild children. At least that's what my grandma tells us. The husband has one brother who is 9 years younger than him and I am an only child, so when it comes to immediate family we are somewhat lacking in quantity never quality. But I have a plethora of cousins who all live within 10 minutes of us so we just claim them as ours. Of the seven of us, four are married.


Out of the four of us... THREE are pregnant. Due June, July and August. I'll give you one guess as to who isn't pregnant. Did you guess the tall Asian? Well then you are correct! Gold Star! They are all going to have the cutest babies ever so why try and compete? Rob and Shelley already have the most adorable daughter. So while the rest of them are moving forward, expanding their families and adding responsibility to their lives, buying cribs and diapers the husband and I are expanding in our own way. So when people ask us when we are going to start a family here is what I want them to know.
Meet MJ our bearded dragon. MJ stands for Mushu Johnson. His name goes back into his deep Asian roots (as we all saw in the last post)and his dancing family aka. Michael Johnson. Can I list all the reasons MJ is the best addition to our family?
1. He is adorable. I mean look at that face and those little toes.
2. No diapers
3. The husband feeds him
4. He is confined to that space in the house.
5. From time to time he dances against the glass for us. Pure entertainment.
So take it from us. A Bearded Dragon is the best child a newly wed could ask for. 
  Now meet the husband's motorcycle. It doesn't have a name yet but I'm sure it will in the near future. Here is what I know about it. It's a Honda Shadow 750. And it's fun to ride on except when it's raining and 30 degrees outside. Then it's not so fun. We even have hardcore leather jackets we wear when we ride it. See we are totally the wild children... Lizards AND motorcycles, what are our families going to do with us? Actually I think the husband's father is as excited about the motorcycle as he is. Now they can ride their bikes together. Their version of father/son bonding. Awesome.

I think that these two things are just about as much responsibility that the two of us can handle at the moment. If we can keep the lizard alive for a few years we'll try our hand at child rearing. And it don't think you can put a car seat on the back of the bike so we'll have to get our fill of that first. So my answer to all those who are asking the question is: Not your business. But for those of you who I like my answer is, after we've practiced on MJ and all the adorable nieces and nephews we'll soon have, traveled the world together with our team, enjoyed the motorcycle and gotten released from nursery (best birth control ever). For now we're loving our freedom.

And for my random comment of the day having nothing to do with this post. Want to know what I'm going to miss most about Spring? Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. They are seriously the best things in the world. The chocolate to peanut butter ratio in those things is a thousand times better than that of a normal peanut butter cup. My heart hurts a little bit right now that I can't go to the store and buy one until next year.

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