Friday, April 26, 2013

Finals Are Over and Weddings Go Wrong

Finals are finally over and we all survived them... some of us came out with a few scratches and bruises (emotional or physical). I came out with a renewed appreciation for my little corner of lower campus i.e. The Richards Building. It keeps me away from all the crazies that roam upper campus whom I am forced to interact with during finals week. But I have to admit you can always count on said crazies to provide for some entertainment and inner comedic relief during a really stressful week.

Standing in line waiting to take my test all I want to think about is my upcoming test not the weird smell coming from something that someone was eating behind me, or the music blasting from bro to the left and the last thing I needed to hear was the wedding planning coming from four rows over. Not because it was annoying but because of course I then had to listen in and hear all about this girl's wedding I LOVE weddings and then all thoughts of Health 211 went out the window. My mind went back to wedding colors, dress shapes, and catering menus. But can I tell you this random was c-r-a-z-y. I thought the poor thing was going to have an anxiety attack right there in line (can I once again say the words wedding planner, WEDDING PLANNER) or really organized super mother. The darling was freaking out about every possible thing that was going to go wrong with the wedding... And so bad I wanted to let her in on a "secret" that anyone who's been married will agree with, something is going to happen that you didn't plan or not happen that you did plan no matter what and... it will be okay. It won't matter. You'll be married and you'll be so happy. 

Shall we talk about all the things that went wrong at our wedding and already the husband and I laugh about them. 

#1. I started crying at my hair and makeup appointment. Post makeup. For no good reason other than it was the biggest day of my life and I had a lot of nerves. And then had the PUFFIEST eyes for the rest of the morning. But apparently that's not all that weird because my mom, the girl doing my hair and makeup, and the photographer all acted like it was totally normal that I was sitting there blubbing apologies with mascara running down my face.  

#2. The ONLY flowers I asked not to have at our wedding were roses. I know random. But they make me think of funerals and therefore they make me sad. Guess what a good bit of my bouquet was... white roses.

#3. Our marriage certificate got lost after our sealing. Left at the temple in a bag in the lobby. Took us a good couple of hours to find it. So the rest of the day we had EVERYONE joking that we weren't actually married and threatening to not let us "go enjoy our evening" after the reception *wink* *wink*. Not so funny after it's the fifth time you've heard it that day. 

#4. Our awesome wedding favors never showed up so the lovely wedding team got to fill boxes with M&M's right before the reception.

#5. Our DJ was out in left field the entire night. We asked for classy wedding music and we got Gangnam Style and Bringing Sexy Back... So classy. And he started to play the wrong song for both our first dance and our dance with our parents... oops.

#6. I got the flu from standing outside in the snow taking pictures and was sick for our entire honeymoon... the husband got a taste of reality and marriage real quick. 

But you know what? The day started with us getting sealed to one another for eternity so honestly nothing else mattered. And that day we were surround by so many loving and fun friends who were taking care of everything that it was impossible to get upset by anything. The husband and I never even talked about all the things that went wrong until about a month ago and then we started laughing about all of it because on that day none of it mattered anymore. So my suggestion to random in the testing center and anyone else getting married is: For all the planning that goes into a wedding and all the time you spend worrying about every detail, in the end just enjoy the day knowing that what matters are the rest of the days ahead of you. Because weddings are fun but marriage is better.  

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