Sunday, April 28, 2013

People Say the Darndest Things...

Can we just talk about the other day and how people and the things they say just make me laugh ALL the time?

Story One: The Big Black Man at Wendy's

There is the running joke that Utah has all of ten black people that live here. Have I mentioned that the husband thinks he's one of them? Because he does. Someday I'm going to get a video of him rapping to post here because it will make your life so much happier when you witness it. He's just so skinny and white but oddly really good at rapping. Anyway the husband and I met one of these rarities at Wendy's and here was our conversation... keeping in mind that this guy didn't seem crazy or anything, he just really liked my shoes: BBM (Big Black Man) TH (The Husband) YT (Yours Truly)

BBM: Girl, you got diamonds on your shoes.

YT: (Looks down at my sandals)

BBM: You two have got to be some wealthy young thangs to afford diamonds on your shoes. Those things are sparkly. Got to be three carats each. 

YT: Haha... I get so awkward in social settings

BBM: Brother what are you doing that you can buy your woman such classy shoes? And where are your diamonds, ain't fair that she gets all the bling. 

TH: Haha, got to let my woman have them I guess.

YT: Woman? Did the husband just call me woman? Can we remember that we're not cool and black so you can't get away with that? Someone please remind him he's white... 

BBM: Man, you two are alright, I like you guys. You're not from around here are you? 

YT: No we're both from here actually. 

BBM: Nah... Really? I would have guessed Detroit, New York, Pittsburg, L.A. You don't look like any Utah farmers I know, I mean girl you got DIAMONDS on your shoes.  

At this point I walked away trying really hard not to laugh and to get drinks so the husband carried on the conversation. Does everyone want to see my diamond covered shoes? Okay, here they are. 

Real Classy eh? But I liked him, he definitely made me smile that day.

The next story comes from one of the little girls in my dance class, they are all about six years old. LG (Little Girl) YT (Yours Truly) 

Story Two: Then Comes Love, Then Come Marriage, Then Come Baby in a Baby Carriage? 

LG: Are you married?

YT: Yep

LG: Where is your husband?

YT: At home

LG: Do you have a baby?

YT: No I don't

LG: Then how are you married? You have to have a baby to be married!

YT: Well... I don't have a baby yet but maybe someday

LG: Noooo... your supposed to have kids. Don't you know that?

YT: Haha oh really? Well I will someday.

LG: No you're married! You're already supposed to have a baby! Why did you get married if you don't have a baby?

That's when I decided it would be a good time to start class and let that conversation continue later with her mom... at home... But I did seriously consider teaching my class the k-i-s-s-i-n-g song that day. 

I wish I could remember and write about all the things these little girls say. They say the funniest things all the time. It's conversations like this one that make having kids seem like a fun possibility one day.

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  1. Love your story about the BBM, I have those same shoes! haha.

    I was a nanny for years and I always wished I wrote down everything they said, they are hilarious and don't even realize it!