Saturday, January 5, 2013

Part II

Ok... So I'm going to finish up the rest of our dating story real quick so we can get back to current events. 
1. Sterling comes back from the mission August of 2011 and starts dancing for BYU again...
2. Sterling dates Cait (Nicole's roommate) who is also on the Ballroom Team
3. Nicole doesn't like Cait's new boyfriend
4. Sterling's dance partner Jessie and Nicole's partner Zach start dating
5. Sterling and Nicole go shopping for Cait's Christmas gift (Nicole hates life)
6. Sterling and Cait break up
7. Sterling and Nicole start talking more in class
8. Jessie and Zach decide to get married
9. Sterling and Jessie Break up and Nicole and Zach break up so Jessie and Zach can dance together
10. Sterling and Nicole decide to dance together and live happily every after

Yeah that's the really really condensed version. We didn't just live happily ever after. We decided to become dance partners because our coaches advised us that we were the best match for each other.But after we became dance partners we knew we needed to try and become friends so we started hanging out. We both denied that we wanted to date until one fateful night while watching Harry Potter he kissed me (before the first date that sly dog). From there it was happily ever after...

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