Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That One Day I was Pregnant

First off, today is the husband and my one month anniversary! I seriously can't believe that it has been a month... So much has happened. Like last weekend when I was pregnant for a day.

We had made it through our first week of classes... 4 hours until freedom and my phone starts ringing during class. Unknown number. And... they leave a voice mail, I DESPISE voice mails. I listen and oh awesome the lady doctor called me to let me know that my birth control has been recalled. It turns out that if it was produced in one cycle it stops working after 2 months. "now we're not exactly sure if yours was in that batch but we wanted to let you know so that you can be *giggle* careful. We'll call to confirm the situation tomorrow" I do the math in my head, I got mine in September... and I got married in December. Well at this point I think it's a little too late to be careful...

After 10 minutes of attempting to not pass out or throw up... I mean at this point I'm for sure getting kicked off team and I'm going to get so fat... Well babies are kind of cute right, when they get past the over sized head stage and they're not crying and stuff. I guess I could do the whole baby thing. And If I'm pregnant right now I get to join my other twenty friends that announced their pregnancies this month. We can go through this process together sharing our progress, questions, and concerns on facebook and instagram. And now that there's no point to pinning wedding ideas I get to use pinterest for my baby needs!

At this point the husband is at work and there is no way I'm telling him that we're going to have a baby over text. So next I do the most normal thing I can think of I google "signs and symptoms of pregnancy" 
  • Moodiness and Unstable Emotions- check, husband can most definitely verify
  • Cravings- I totally ate like four rolls at Texas Roadhouse the other day and I hate bread
  • Nausea- Well I'm feeling completely nauseous right now at the thought of being pregnant does that count? 
  • Backaches- My back totally hurts. I don’t care if we did lifts all day in team today there is no way my back should be this sore.
  • Fatigue- That explains why I was falling asleep in New Testament today…

OH MY GOSH I am totally pregnant. 

Well there’s nothing I can do about it at this point because again there is no way I’m telling the husband. So I might as well continue on with my day. I headed over to Gus’s birthday dinner at Outback. The smell of the bread is so amazing “But you hate bread… here are those cravings again” I think if I eat this chicken in front of me I’m going to puke “Food aversions, I’m pretty sure that was on the list too” I’m pretty sure I just felt something move inside me “Ok you’re not Bella and this isn’t twilight there’s not some vampire baby growing inside you there is no way that you just felt something move” I really have to pee. Ok I may not be having a vampire but peeing was definitely on the google list!

Later that night I tell the husband that I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant. He laughs and tells me I’m crazy. Then I start listing off my symptoms… and I get him convinced. Let’s run to the grocery store and we’ll stop at Walgreens on the way home and pick up a test. Oh a test... good idea honey

Walking through the aisles I can see the wheels running full speed through the husbands head. I can just imagine what he’s thinking, how are we going to afford a baby? Does this mean that neither of us are going to Blackpool? we haven’t even been married a month! Hey honey can I grab a jar of pickles? I’m pretty sure if I had picked up that jar of pickles he was going to throw them at my head. 

And now we are finally at Walgreens... standing infront of about twenty different tests. We pick a box that has three inside I mean what if it's wrong the first time. And we head to check out. There stands a cute old lady ready to check us out. Oh... are you hoping? *wink* And in his perfect awkwardness the husband answers well we're hoping for something... That is the point where I die laughing and start bawling... There we go with the unstable emotions again.

I'll spare you from the details of the rest of the night. But I don't think I've ever seen such a look of relief on someones face as I did on the husbands when it was negative. But it was kind of fun being pregnant for a day.

So hey honey... if you're reading this... sorry i didn't tell you that my birth control got recalled... you just looked so scared before I got to that part I couldn't bare to tell you. But no worries now right? 

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  1. I laughed out loud for this one, like, more than once. I mean for as much as that sucks, it's also hilarious. Still, I'll be looking forward to your baby pinning. ;)