Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yep we're GIANTS!

So I went to church this week with the husband. We walked in and stood for a second to peruse the pickings of seats. Family with two crying babies? No thank you. Front row were the bishop can keep an eye on us? Nope. As we were contemplating this important decision I can't help but notice a few people staring at us... And the people would walk past us are gawking up at us. We choose our prime seat (left side, three rows from the back) and as we're walking a lady stops us. 
Are we new to the ward? Well... this is the fourth week in a row we've been here so I'd probably say that's a negative. 
How tall are the two of you? At this point I roll my eyes at the husband. She couldn't possibly say that it was nice to meet us, or ask where we were living or where we were from or anything else. Never... this is always the first question we get asked. 
For the record the husband is 6'4" and I am just under 6'. (that day I was also wearing 2 and 1/2 inch heels)
When she asks the question I can feel everyone in the vicinity lean in so they can hear how tall the new giant couple is. I list our heights off to her. 
Well aren't you a lucky girl to find a husband who is so tall? Acutally I'd say he was lucky to find a girl as tall as me.  He'd look pretty funny if he married a girl who was like 5'2" or something... (the ladies approximate height)
Awkward Silence... and the rest of the congregation all begins their own conversations out of nowhere. 

Ok in all reality that was kind of mean of me. I'm sure she meant no harm and I do truly feel blessed to have met my handsome and tall husband. But really, when people meet people who are very short rarely do they ask how short they are because *hint* it's kind of rude...
As I was ranting to the husband about all of this he was laughing and later he sat me down and we talked about all the things we love about being tall.
  • We both have awesome legs, but seriously we have sexy legs
  • We can always find each other in a crowd
  • I can reach anything at the grocery store
  • People always ask us if we're models which is a nice confidence boost 
  • We had an excuse to buy a really really big bed
  • We look proportionate to each other aka. he doesn't look like he's toting around his little sister
  • We can gain a few pounds and you can hardly see it (still not an excuse to get fat!)
  • We make awesome lines in dance 
  • People always remember us, even if it is just as the tall couple... except that lady at church apparently but I'm sure she will now
  • Heels still look awesome on me
And there are so many more. But moral of the story is that being tall rocks, I'm sorry if you're jealous. 
 Just because I think every blog post is more fun with a picture. The husband and I at Halloween. Let's just say that all the children were terrified of him... probably helped that he was even taller with the hat...

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  1. Haha! I love this. Good for you for saying something snarky to her - people need to think before they speak. Tall is beautiful, and you guys are a gorgeous couple.. :)