Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Story: Part One

So begins the blog of Sterling and Nicole. So... 


Well I'm Nicole, I'll most likely be doing all the blogging for the two of us. Sterling isn't much of a blogger... I'm 20 and a student at BYU. I am studying public health and I work as a dancer teacher at the University. Sterling is almost 23 (in ten days!!) and is currently studying Biology at BYU. He works at RiteAid as a pharmacy tech. We were both born here in Provo and have both lived here our entire lives. I went to Timpview High School and he went to Provo High School. We both grew up dancing and saw each other around but didn't really meet until last year after he got back from his mission. We are both on the Ballroom Dance Company at BYU and love doing that together.


Disclaimer: This is my version of our story, I'm sure Sterling would tell a very different story...

Part one:
So like I said we've grown up in the same town our entire lives. So I guess I'll start from the beginning. Back in High School I had a semi-friend named Tressa. She was from a tiny town up the canyon called Heber. When I first met her I told her that I was a ballroom dancer and she told me that she was dating a ballroom dancer and asked, did I know Sterling Stolle? I was new in the dance world so I didn't know him but don't worry... soon I would. Treesa and I ended up not being best friends but we ran in the same circles so I got to hear all her stories about this boy that she loved and in the end how he broke her heart. That was my first experience with my future husband. Now I may not have been best friends with Treesa but I was still a teenage girl and lived by the girl code so after her broke her heart I automatically hated this boy that I did not know. I watched him compete at dance competition (he was a lot better than I was in High School) and all I could think about was how much I disliked this boy I had never talked to. My only interaction with Sterling was my Junior year of High School. I was on the hunt for a syringe that I could use to put glue in so I could rhinestone a dance costume. After asking around someone told me to just run to RiteAid and get one from the pharmacy. So Gus (Melissa) and I ran up to grab one. And who would be the pharmacy tech that day? Sterling. I knew who he was immediately. We asked him where we could find the syringes and he asked what we needed them for. When we told him he introduced himself and told us that he was also a dancer (not knowing that we already knew all about him). And that is the only time I ever talked to Sterling until 2011.

So that is part one of our story. I'll tell the rest next time. 

To end this post I want to just post some fun facts about Sterling because I honestly love him so much and all the amazing things about him facinate me everyday. 

Served his mission in Orlando, Florida
Speaks fluent Spanish
Is 6'3" (I think he has to be at least 6'4")
Loves his car
Hates tomatoes, asparagus, olives and fresh peaches
Loves seafood, wedding punch, twix and mexican food
Is slowly being broken of his Hollister addiction (and I will break him of it)
Thinks he's a gangster and loves Rap Music
Has gorgeous blue/green eyes

And I just love him 

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  1. That's an amazing story. You know there are some out there that believe that marrying your dance partner (although not technically the case here) is a disaster. Good to know you guys are a positive example.