Friday, May 24, 2013

The husband and I are hanging out here in the Atlanta airport during our six hour layover. What do you do in an airport for six hours? So far we've eaten delish but totally over priced airport food, explored the random shops, bought a neck pillow because I'm pretty sure ours is sitting on our couch, and played two games of electronic monopoly. And there are still two hours to go... boo. But Our day started early... actually it started yesterday. We spent all night packing, cleaning our condo, and finalizing our Florida trip that we leave for the day after we get back from Europe. Can we talk about how difficult it is to pack for three weeks in twenty two pounds... but somehow it's possible. After doing it once it's crazy to think I usually take fifty pounds... anyway that's the update so far. Just chilling here in Atlanta. Next up... ENGLAND 


That guy introduced us to Mr. Bones... random stores full of crazies...

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