Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Wedding Traditions

Ok people. It's time to get these wedding posts banged out. But seriously... It's been three months. So that family far and wide who couldn't be there can finally see all the pictures. And the family that live five minutes that still haven't seen any pictures except the ones on the blog (sorry grandma and grandpa.) So for those of you who were there I'm sorry for the nostalgia you really aren't interested in. Even though I know you totally want to relive our wedding with us. 

So let's start with those classic wedding traditions you have to be a part of; the bouquet toss, the garter toss, the cake cutting and the send off. 

The bouquet toss. Let's not talk about I hit the ceiling the first time. It's a tall person problem. 

Then the garter toss... Yay... let's just remind everyone what's going to happen later tonight. 

The cake cutting: So what you can't see is that no one trained the husband and I on the process of cutting the cake. So my wonderful and is standing behind the photographer talking us through step by step. You would think that it would be somewhat self explanatory but... when everyone is staring at you and your still on that oh my gosh we just got married high you forget how to even eat cake. 

The send off: Ok, I was so against any kind of send off. I didn't want the tacky paint on the car, the condem confetti inside the car, or the thong flag on the antenna. I didn't want my grandma waving me off as I went to... yeah. Not my thing. But as I learned through the wedding planning process we don't always get what we want and we have to let everyone have their fun. This was my lost battle.

Yay for wedding traditions.


  1. This blog post is really interesting.
    It's fun to know different wedding traditions around the world and thanks to you, I have now more info regarding weddings ;-0

    Cheers and more power to your blogging ;-)

  2. These photos from your wedding are wonderful. I can tell that it was an amazing event and everyone appears to be having an enjoyable time. My cousin is getting married next week at one of the famous LA event venues and I’m also hoping to have a lot of fun at the event.