Monday, February 4, 2013

The Following

Ok, let's talk about Kevin Bacon.


Who can't help but love him? I think my love for him started in High School, it was something that Gus and I shared back then, we even bought "kevin bacon sweaters". Footloose, X-men First Class, Crazy Stupid Love... yeah... can't beat a good movie with Kevin Bacon in it. Plus, aging well? He's the definition of that. Have I established that I am a big Kevin Bacon fan? 

So... he stars in a new show on Fox called "The Following". The show is about a seriously insane serial killer in jail who has developed a following of people on the outside to do his biding, a cult in a sense. It's full of girls dying, kidnapping, and... Kevin Bacon, the ex FBI agent who caught the serial killer in the first place and is brought back to help stop him. Which is why I had to watch it. The husband and I watched the first episode together and by the end of the pilot I was in the corner of the couch in the fetal position hiding behind his arm. I'm a little bit of a light weight when it comes to scary movies and shows. E.T. still freaks me out.  

Yeah... But even if I was terrified out of my mind I couldn't ditch out on Kevin. I had to be strong for him. So the husband was recruited to watch this show with me. And I have to say watching it together was going pretty well. Except for one thing, if the husband and I want to watch anything together it has to be late at night after we get back from school, work and practice.

Night + Scary Show = Paranoia.

Ok, so lets take a quick break and I'm going to explain the layout of our house. Because I know you all care about our house so much. Upstairs we have our bedroom and our study, when you go downstairs your in our living room/dinning room then you turn the corner into the kitchen and around the corner from the kitchen is our bathroom. So now that we're all on the same page we can return to the main attraction.
So the husband and I continued to watch the show together before bed. Then we head upstairs to read scriptures together and go to bed. So they other week we were doing our nightly routine, I climb into bed, the husband asleep and all of a sudden I really had to pee. tmi? Well... I did. I climbed out of bed and started to walk down the stairs. 

As my foot hit the first step... That episode was really good tonight, the way that guy was just blending in with the furniture then jumped out at that girl was so creepy. 
Second stair... We have a lot of furniture... and there aren't any lights on down there. 
Third stair... If I RUN I can make it to the bathroom in approximately five seconds and lock the door behind me. But if I walk slowly, maybe the serial killer won't notice me... 
RUN! and... tumble down the last four stairs.
But I am up like a ninja and I start to scan the dark room, my back to the stairs, reading the shadows. I swear that one by the door is moving, it looks like it's wearing a jacket. One step closer... It's tall... and it's our coat rack. 
I exhale and start to laugh at myself when I hear a breathe behind me and the serial killer grabs my shoulder. 
Elbow jab back into the killers stomach and a "loud" scream I jump back and turn around with my fists up.
Whoa, what the *heck* Nicole? (Squirrel we edited it just for you)
Oh hi. What are you doing down here? 
I heard you go flying down the stairs and wanted to make sure you weren't dead. What happened?
I thought you were a follower and you were going to kill me and cut my eyes out. The only positive being would be that K.B. would show up to solve my murder or had I somehow survived he would have interviewed me about you. Is it bad that I'm slightly disappointed that you're not? But if I tell you any of that you won't let me watch the show anymore and I need my K.B. time, so the answer is... Nothing, you just surprised me.
Ok... well don't want to meet you in a dark alley.  

The husband went back upstairs and I finally made it to the restroom (which I'm surprised nothing happened or slipped while I was attacking the husband, there was a lot of adrenaline flowing). Then I karate kicked the jacket hanging on the coat rack on my way back upstairs. And I made the decision that I'm going to take boxing classes.

But I do still highly recommend the following, just don't watch it at night. Unless you have a cute husband that will watch it with you and act as a punching bag later.

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